Abbotford’s Concept Plan For Historic Downtown Ready For Your Input

Abbotsford – The Concept Plan for the Historic Downtown Abbotsford was presented to City Council on Monday. This all folds into the Plan for 200K, which has been, and continues to be an exhaustive blueprint to prepare Abbotsford for another massive push in population growth and being able to handle the push on its boundaries, infrastructure and resources.

Complete details can be found on the City website here. The report starts at Page 231 – FAIR WARNING – It is intricate and detailed reading.

The next stage is to take this back to the public for input and feedback.

Over the next several months staff will test the concept through infrastructure analysis and community engagement. The results from these activities will then be used to prepare a draft plan for the neighbourhood at the completion of Stage 3 in summer 2018.
The infrastructure analysis will include a more detailed assessment of servicing capacity and conditions. This will result in a thorough understanding of servicing in the neighbourhood, and estimated upgrade costs.
Stage 3 community engagement will include an on line survey complete with videos, social media and website and ways for your input to be viewed and heard.

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