Chilliwack Anti-SOGI Rally Was Peaceful And Controversial

Chilliwack – Deviant. An underhanded way to bring gay lifestyle into schools. SOGI 123 is not the solution to bullying. Who in government is making money from this. SOGI is an anti-bullying Trojan horse that confuses students. We love everyone but we don’t want SOGI in our schools.

(SOGI 123 is Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, the curriculum that is supposed to create an all inclusive atmosphere in schools and a better understanding of the LGBTQ  community)

The rhetoric came fast and furious in front of the 250+ that packed Evergreen Hall Tuesday night in Chilliwack.

Noticeably absent were a flock of politicians who could have shown up just to see what would happen. Chilliwack School Trustee Heather Maas and Former Chilliwack Mayor and MLA John Les were in the audience. Also on hand, a rather bold decision to be in the lions den as it were, Vancouver transgendered activist Morgane Oger ( who is also VOP of the BC NDP).

Behind an obvious Police presence, which fortunately was not needed, the gathering was in part to defend Chilliwack School Trustee Barry Neufeld’s comments that SOGI 123 was a “weapon of propaganda,” and claimed it was “child abuse” to allow little children to choose their gender. Those Facebook comments created a firestorm which he later addressed stating he apologized to anyone he may have hurt by his opinion.

The Chilliwack School Board held an emergency in camera meeting with Neufeld as the BC Teachers Federation call for him to step down. That didn’t happen.

Neufeld was never fired and Tuesday night would not back down from his comments and vowed to run for re-election to the school board in 2018.

That brought the first standing ovation of the evening.

Barry Neufeld:

Barry Neufeld

Posted by Don Lehn on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Neufeld stressed that its the parents and not the schools that should have the final say on teaching any gay or transgender rights to students.

Barry Neufeld

He went on to voice concerns that the program will increase sexual addiction among students which can lead to psychological problems, drug addiction and suicide.

After his speech, Margane Oger made a point of shaking Neufeld’s hand and exchanged business cards.

Next up was Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Host on Joy TV. She continues to preach to the choir that “even atheists and non-Christians have told her that SOGI does not work for them. “Don’t teach what I do not support. SOGI is an underhanded and unfair way to get this material into schools. Offer anyone in the LGTBQ community love and friendship.”

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson:

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson

Posted by Don Lehn on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The tone of the rally took a  political turn with the address by Kari Simpson from the group Culture Guard. While starting off with obvious criticism of SOGI 123, she changed the tone to sounding almost as if she were running for political office. Simpson questions on who is “making money from this” and then proceeded to slam the BC NDP government of the 90’s, the early 2000’s with the Gordon Campbell Liberals and the current NDP government over an agenda that is taxpayer funded.

Another standing ovation.

She went on to make bold statements about sex activists showing porn in schools and you are part of an hedonistic cult if you support the SOGI philosophy. SOGI is an anti-bullying Trojan horse for other programs down the road. She had “never seen any other politician or trustee, bullied in Social Media as she witnessed on Facebook with Mr. Neufeld. This is a cultural war. The rainbow flag is not our flag., The Maple Leaf is our flag.”

Kari Simpson:

Kari Simpson

Posted by Don Lehn on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Simpson then seemed to belabor the point that Culture Guard needed money and volunteers and …more money. Almost the tone of a standard political rally.

A handful of pro LGTBQ protesters were in and outside of Evergreen hall, under the watchful eye of security, although no one covering the rally felt anything would be violent.

For the most part, the crowd was over 40 and Caucasian and all on page. No foul language or shouting to drown out protesters when there were comments made from the sidelines.

This issue is far from over.

For the record, Evergreen Hall is owned by the City of Chilliwack and was rented out to the groups for the evening.

A pro-SOGI rally at Gordie and Coleen Howe school in Abbotsford drew about 50 people who braved the rain, and voiced their support for SOGI and LGBTQ in general.


5 Comments on "Chilliwack Anti-SOGI Rally Was Peaceful And Controversial"

  1. He went on to voice concerns that the program will increase sexual addiction among students which can lead to psychological problems, drug addiction and suicide.

    What? So teaching inclusion now equates to sexual addiction and drugs addiction. Now I’ve heard it all. Anyone else notice those with the biggest opposition are “Christians”

  2. Interesting that a recent Gallop Poll found that people of Faith (Christians) show a much higher respect and tolerance for diversity that those with no spiritual beliefs. As a Christian I believe in diversity. I believe you have the right to your beliefs, and you have the right to express that opinion. I will always tolerate diverse opinions because I believe that as an adult I can learn form all sides of an argument. My problem with SOGI 123 and the LGBT community is that they are not satisfied with me acknowledging their rights. They want to take my rights away. SOGI 123 is supposed to be an anti bullying program but it is being bullied into the school system against the wishes of most informed parents

  3. Regina Phalange | January 9, 2018 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    They can hate on it all they want and trash a policy about INCLUDING people but can’t actually do anything to remove the public schools policy. These people are hurting Christianity. People see this and hear “Christian” and think of these types of Christians. Church memberships are down, churches in many places are closing. This is such bad press for Christianity as a whole. It’s ok to be LGBTQ, & be included, it’s NOT ok to be mean to children. Also there are many people who are born as intersex people neither male or female that this policy helps them to be included(google it and educate yourself). Hating on a minority group of children, speaking out about them, trying to stop government polices that include them in society, quoting a few Dr’s not the majority census, posting fake science and fake statistics and acting like this is “Christian” behaviour and activities…well they should just be so ashamed of themselves. It’s because of groups like this that us non religious fundamentalists have to make a disclaimer that were are not religious nuts when telling someone they are Christian.

    • My apology for not initially posting this as a reply.

      Thank you, Regina,for the reference to intersex. I found an interesting article related to it at:

      I do, however, see this as being substantively different from identifying oneself sexually as transgendered. Whereas intersex data may be clinical and empirical for the 1-2% of the population which fall into this category, I have yet to see any empirical, robustly scientific data which supports a genetic predisposition towards sexual orientation. I would welcome links to such data, if you are aware of them; by this, I mean something more substantive than twin studies or hypothalmus hypothesis, both of which are inherently less-then-scientific.

  4. Interested Reader | October 15, 2018 at 5:15 pm | Reply

    The comment that ever green hall was rented out to the group was innappropriate, almost as if the hall managers were complicit with the anti-sogi sentiment. this kind of reporting is inflammatory and does not serve the debate. Also, could add a note as to how many people were present, – which appears to be over 200. The only comment is that they are over 40, and Caucasian, which is not their fault by the way, after all it’s Chilliwack BC, and usally parents of school age chldren are in their 30-40’s. Also you don’t know if they were all ‘on page” – did you do a poll? Don’t assume otherwise. Were the Pro-LGTBQ crowd also caucasian, because they were being heavily monitored by police for some reason. The reporting is highly biased and inflammatory.

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