Green Light For Highway 11/Vye Road/Sumas Border Crossing Upgrade

Abbotsford – Since 2013 and after the jostling for government monies, RFP’s (Request For Proposals), a change in Mayor’s and Premiers and the influence of an international border, construction will soon begin on the Vye Road / Highway 11 project.

The announcement was made by Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun on Thursday. Abby Mayor Bruce Bannon was Mayor when the talks for the project started over four years ago.

The entire project should be ready by Spring 2020.

Highway 11 Looking North at Vye Road – Courtesy Google Street View

The $30M project will see the widening of Highway 11, by extending the Nexus lane to the U.S. border and constructing a two-lane overpass on Vye Road, between Highway 11 and Riverside Road.

According to the City release: The City has partnered with the Provincial and Federal governments, through the Building Canada Fund, to improve traffic congestion and safety concerns in this area. This project was first announced in 2013, with public consultation conducted in 2014. The preliminary engineering studies are now complete and the project is moving forward.

The Highway 11 widening will see the NEXUS lane to the U.S. border be extended 1.8 kilometres to improve the flow of traffic to the border for families and commercial drivers.

As part of these improvements, a two‐lane overpass over the Southern Rail and CP Rail lines will be constructed on Vye Road to improve safety and reduce congestion at the existing crossing.

This project will also improve access to local commercial developments between Highway 11 and Riverside Road, and provide an alternate route along the Vye Road/8th Avenue corridor, facilitating access to both the Aldergrove and Huntington border crossings. That will include a roundabout for the Vye/Riverside exchange.

Other key benefits of the Vye Road / Highway 11 project include:
• elimination of traffic congestion due to railway operations;
• increased safety and productivity for SRY and CPR track workers;
• elimination of the vehicle-train collision risk at the current at-grade railway crossing;
• improved access to the Canada-US border crossing and the airport;
• decreased delays for local area businesses, which rely on truck transportation for the movement of goods and services;
• reliable access and reduced travel time for emergency service providers.

• improved safety and convenience for residents accessing the Huntingdon area during busy border- crossing times;

• improved border access for the trucking and transportation industry;
• improved border access for BC residents and visitors.


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