Clocks Fall Back To Standard Time 2AM Sunday Morning

Fraser Valley — As the debate continues on whether or not BC should scrap the twice a year time change (Alberta has scrapped their plans for the time being) it is that dreaded time of year where the days get longer and we grab one extra hour of sleep.

The downside, is that it appears that we are in the dark, sooner.

The time change to go back one hour on clocks, microwaves and coffee makers officially starts at 2AM Sunday Morning.

Your computer and smart phone should make the change automatically.

The twice a year time change is also a great reminder to check the smoke alarms in your home, apartment and workplace.

Daylight Saving Time returns Sunday, March 11, 2018.

For the record CTV and the Weather Network report that the Alberta Standard Time Act, introduced earlier this year, would have ended the practice of Daylight Saving Time in that province, putting it in sync year round with neighbouring Saskatchewan, which does not observe DST.

However, the bill introducing the act, Bill 203, didn’t make it through the legislature, failing by 46 votes to six in favour earlier this week, putting paid to the latest attempt to end the practice.

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