Chilliwack Homeless – Out Houses Available Downtown

Chilliwack – The homeless situation and the recent changes to where the homeless can lay their head down to sleep has reached another level. Out houses have been places on a traffic island at the Chilliwack Business Centre parking lot off Victoria and Young. Alongside the out houses is a sharps collection box. That is a yellow box for addicts to drop off their used needles. You can see the hazard sticker on the side of these collection boxes.

FVN has learned that since the out houses and sharps box have been installed, management of the Business Centre are none too pleased.  Neighbours surrounding the Central Community Park (where Party In The Park is held, as well as the Farmer’s Market) are complaining of the noise, let along drug use and profanity laden taunts to passerby’s.

One FVN staffer noticed that a day care worker with kids in tow, was yelled at, by an obviously distraught and perhaps mentally unstable member of the homeless camp, telling her to get her kids “away from her f&*&^%$ park.”

At the beginning of June, the Chilliwack Alano Club had erected a seven foot high barbed wire topped fence, to reduce the homeless from sleeping overnight on their two porches, as well as controlling the deification and needles around what is supposed to be a safe, clean and sober oasis.

That just moved part of the problem although crime around the Alano Club has dropped.

The City of Chilliwack wanted to be pro-active in their stance with the ever growing homeless problem and did not want to be in the same poor PR stance as what Abbotsford went through (that was the use of chicken manure on a homeless camp, dumped by city staff to try and move the problem). The City also amended its parks bylaw to comply with court decisions that say prohibiting the homeless from camping out, when no other accommodation is available to them was unconstitutional.

That was in July.

The camp in Central Community Park is right behind Henderson’s Funeral Home and up against the fence of Chiliwack Central Elementary School.



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  1. Kelly Raymond | August 20, 2016 at 2:48 pm | Reply

    My daughter has a business in that building. She works all hours and days. Who is going to keep her safe when she leaves at night. When her lease comes up she needs to find somewhere safer that is for sure.

  2. The Parents of Children who go to School in September are having major problems dealing with this by seeing this everyday till the Mayor Sharon herself puts a stop to this. But like that is going to ever happen! In parks and playgrounds myself I’ve just seen this start happening so I’m thinking every parent out there we need to work as a team and have this stopped by having a petition going around or its going to be brought up in one huge meeting at the city of Chilliwack the mayor’s attention.

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