2 Chilliwack Men, One From Abby – Speeding In Langley

Langley/Chilliwack/Abbotsford – Three motorists will need to find an alternate means of transportation after having theirs impounded on April 18th.

Two of the three males were operating Motorcycles eastbound on 16th Avenue and were stopped in the 26800 block just after 5:00 p.m. These two were traveling side by side at 118 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.

RCMP Surrey 6

The two Chilliwack men, aged 30 and 59 relinquished their Harley Davidson motorcycles for the next seven days, received a violation ticket for $368 and will be required to pay the towing and storage fees for their respective motorcycles.

Approximately one hour later, the same officer stopped a Chrysler Sebring that was eastbound in the 24400 block of 16th Avenue and was clocked on radar travelling 180 km/h in a 60 km/h zone!

The driver is a 26 year old male from Abbotsford and the vehicle belonged to a family member. He was given a violation ticket for Excessive Speeding with a specified penalty of $483 in addition to a Drive without Consideration Ticket for $196. His family member is now without a vehicle for seven days and he is responsible for nearly $1000 in fines and fees.

Each of these drivers will receive three penalty points on their driver’s license and will be required to pay an ICBC driver-risk premium of $320 per year for three years, over and above Autoplan insurance premiums. The cost of towing and storage is on average $350.

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