Chilliwack Council Looking To Build “Campus Of Care” For Seniors

Chilliwack – The City of Chilliwack is trying to be pro-active in accommodating seniors with housing to meet their needs.

City planners are looking at creating a “Campus Of Care” on the largest undeveloped block of land in an eight acre spread at Garrison Crossing.

The rezoning proposal came before council this past Tuesday.

Chilliwack Senior Peer Counsellors applauded the decision on Facebook.

Chilliwack Senior Peer Counsellors's Profile Photo

The proposed name is Elim Village and would include four independent seniors living apartment style buildings (207 units), two residential care buildings (120 units) and one public medical building (188 beds).

This would mean the rezoning of plots of land along the 45 thousand blocks of Chehalis Drive and Keith Wilson Road.

The staff reports goes on to further describe the project as “It is intended to provide a facility to meet the needs of older adults as they transition through a variety of levels of care.”

The public vetting will be at Chilliwack City Hall; on April 5.

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