While Vancouver Regulates Pot Shops – Abbotsford Bans Them

Vancouver/Abbotsford (With files from CBC) – Vancouver has embraced Marijuana Dispensaries. Abbotsford pulled the welcome mat and has told them to get out of Dodge.

CBC reports that the city of Abbotsford will, pardon the pun, weed out the pot shops. Abby Mayor Henry Bruan says, they are illegal under Federal Law and those laws should be obeyed.

“We don’t want to see them in Abbotsford, and we will move to have them removed.”

Vancouver is moving to apply sweeping licensing and regulatory changes to limit medical marijuana dispensaries to 15 or 20.That has not gone well with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hard core stance that the green bud is illegal and anyone selling pot should face the stiff consequences of the Criminal Code.

Don Briere co-runs the two Abbotsford shops that were recently ordered shut down.  He also runs Vancouver’s  largest medical dispensary, Weeds and Glass Limited. He has no plans to close down despite two notices ordering him to stop selling.

“We see it as a misuse of our resources. We know [marijuana] works. It’s not a dangerous drug.”

Briere plans to fight to keep them open.

The war continues.


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