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Steve Schafer, Seeking the Nomination for the Conservative Party of Canada in Abbotsford-South Langley

Abbotsford/Langley – The next Federal election is not happening until the Fall of 2025. But that could change.

On the heels of the retirement for MP Ed Fast, who said he would not run again, other candidates are starting to emerge.

Fast’s Executive Assistant Mike Murray announced that he would like the nomination.

Now, Steve Schafer is seeking the nomination for the Conservative Party of Canada in Abbotsford-South Langley. That is a new riding.

From his Facebook page:

Dear Friends,

I’m in.

I am ready to fight for balancing budgets and paying off debt; eliminating the carbon tax and lowering others; and protecting Charter rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

Those issues were front and center five years ago and they are still under constant attack, thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s third term.

This divisive Prime Minister has attacked large segments of the Canadian electorate, deriding some as “a small, fringe minority of people” who lost their businesses, careers, health, and their faith in the federal government.

Another group of over 2.2 million Canadians have been blamed for his inability to prevent illegal guns and drugs from crossing the US border. Trudeau’s persecution of law-abiding hunters and sport shooters is a cynical attempt to deflect from his ineptitude. Did you know that 2.2 million Canadians, our legal firearms owners, is more than we have active hockey players in this country? Are those folks another fringe minority?

To try to shield himself from his budgets which don’t balance themselves, our Prime Minister has relied on nearly unchecked immigration to try to drive economic growth – further exacerbating an already full-blown housing and rental affordability crisis.

My children are being punished for the decisions of the Liberals in Ottawa. Reckless money printing and deficit spending have driven inflation to levels we haven’t seen since Justin was a young boy and his father was in charge. The inability of politicians to simply say “no” to increased spending has resulted in each of my children owing $19,900 to Victoria and $30,800 to Ottawa.

We need common sense to return to Ottawa, and to do that we need experienced, passionate, and eloquent Members of Parliament who will staunchly defend the views of our constituents in Ottawa.

My background is primarily in business, firstly as a business owner, and now as a consultant. I have experience signing the front side of cheques for dozens of employees over the years. I know the pain many business owners are experiencing right now, and I’m here to fight for them.

I have also spent a lifetime in politics, behind the scenes, helping to create clear messages and strategies that make conservatives successful. I’m ready to put that experience to work on behalf of the residents of Abbotsford-South Langley.

As a child who spent summers on the farm near Olds, Alberta, I developed a proper work ethic and I understood what food security really means and what drives the cost of groceries. I have been a vocal opponent of carbon taxes since the BC Liberals instituted North America’s first carbon tax in 2008. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are using the BC Liberals’ carbon tax as a template to punish Canadians across the country. I also have a commercial driver’s licence and a master’s degree in business; I understand the hardships placed on logistics companies and how the carbon tax has damaged everything in our supply chains.

My undergrad studies were in microbiology, and I know that what occurred over the past few years was driven primarily by political expediency and corporate profits than “following the science,” as Liberals like to smugly suggest. We have a healthcare crisis in this country, where every morning I drive by walk-in clinics with Soviet-style breadlines outside – yet we have so many able-bodied and experienced medical workers who were fired from their jobs in the healthcare system! We need to hire them back. Now.

As the former Vice President of the Langley Rod and Gun Club, and as a volunteer range officer, I have overseen the training and testing of hundreds of members over the years. These law-abiding firearms owners are not responsible for the crime rate that has skyrocketed over the past five years. Justin Trudeau’s Bill C-5, which reduced mandatory minimum sentences for criminals, and his lack of political will to control our border is responsible.

If you’re tired of mealy-mouthed politicians and if you want someone to restore common sense to Ottawa on behalf of Abbotsford-South Langley, please like and share this post with all your like-minded friends and family.

For a little more about me, please watch my opening remarks from 2019 below.

For my family and yours, and for our country, let’s join Pierre Poilievre in making Canada the freest and most prosperous country on earth!

Steve Schafer

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