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Chilliwack Small Business “The Veganist” Turns to Fundraiser to Stay Afloat

Chilliwack – Navigating the economy as a small business is not easy.

FVN is an independent media outlet and we hear this from advertisers and potential advertisers, all the time. Part of our mandate is to help small and local business.

Brian and Logan and The Veganist Team on Wellington have a great concept but they are taking it on the financial chin.

So much so , to the point that they are not only selling product, they have taken to fundraising to stay open.

That link is here.

An excerpt from their Facebook post:

In the tapestry of our entrepreneurial journey, your unwavering support has been the vibrant thread weaving through every challenge and triumph. Today, we reach out with hearts heavy yet hopeful, baring the raw truth of our recent struggles.

These past months have cast shadows upon our small haven, evident to those who walk through our doors—the emptiness that echoes where once our shelves brimmed with the products you sought and cherished. The frustration we feel is shared, for each empty space represents a missed opportunity to serve you, our extended family.

With an unyielding spirit, we have toiled tirelessly to navigate these stormy waters, seeking a lifeline that would allow us to resume our mission of providing for you in the ways you deserve. However, the barriers we face are formidable, as traditional lenders turn a blind eye to our passionate endeavor, leaving us to traverse this treacherous path alone.

Our commitment to the community runs deep. We’ve not only embraced local stores, companies, and brands but have physically moved closer, yearning to be more than just proprietors but active participants in the intricate tapestry of our shared existence.

As a fledgling enterprise, we find ourselves standing at the crossroads, exploring a final avenue to secure the funding essential for our survival. Yet, the road ahead is long, and time is not a luxury we possess. In this critical juncture, we turn to you, our pillars of strength, with a humble plea for support.

If you wish to witness the continuation of our journey, if the survival of small businesses in the face of economic adversity resonates with you, if you believe in the resilience of the plant-based community, and if circumstances permit, we implore you to consider making a donation.

This request is unfamiliar terrain for us, and the vulnerability it brings is palpable. Yet, we find ourselves at a juncture where reaching out to our community is not just an option but a necessity. Our business is more than a storefront; it is an integral part of who we are.

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