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Chilliwack Counter-Protesters Spread Love and Unity Before Anti-LGBTQ Rally with Vibrant Chalk Art

Chilliwack (Opinion Submitted to FVN)- In a powerful display of solidarity and support for LGBTQ+ rights, a group of dedicated counter-protesters transformed the site of an anti-LGBTQ rally into a colorful celebration of love, equality, and acceptance through the creation of vibrant chalk art. This act, which took place early on September 20, 2023, sent a resounding message of inclusivity and compassion in the face of discrimination and hatred.

As a response to the anti-LGBTQ rally, being referred to as #1MillionMarchForChildren, scheduled in Chilliwack, a diverse group of individuals came together to peacefully counteract the negative energy with love and understanding. Armed with buckets of rainbow-colored chalk, they turned the area surrounding the rally site into a canvas of positivity, covering the pavement with dazzling rainbows, heartwarming messages, and supportive slogans.

While this group of protestors believes that educating youth on gender identity, sexual orientation and other queer inclusive topics is harmful and leads to brainwashing of their children, many argue that the opposite is true. “Eliminating LGBTQ people from the curriculum will not eliminate them from the community – but it will make them feel more unsafe. Teaching youth about these topics is not going to magically turn your child queer, and the fact that that reality is somehow the worst-case scenario for many folks is quite sad, actually. Nobody is forcing any views down your kids throats, except for you. And that’s not okay. These kids need to know that being queer isn’t a death sentence.”, stated a counter-protestor.

With 30% of queer youth having attempted suicide at least once, it’s more important now than ever to stand together and show support to these communities. “I grew up in Chilliwack, and if when I was in school, I heard that a group did something like this I would have been so emotional. They need to know that there arepeople that care.”, affirmed another counter-protestor.

In a time when the fight for LGBTQ+ rights continues, this peaceful and artistic counter-protest serves as a testament to the unwavering determination of individuals to stand up for love, equality, and the rights of all people.

Learn more about SOGI here.

2023 SOGI Counter Protest Five Corners Chilliwack
2023 SOGI Counter Protest Five Corners Chilliwack
2023 SOGI Counter Protest Five Corners Chilliwack
2023 SOGI Counter Protest Five Corners Chilliwack

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