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City of Mission Statement on Aggressive Coyotes in Fraser Corridor Area 

Mission – The public is asked to take precautions after multiple reports of aggressive coyotes in the Fraser Corridor area.

In the last week, several people have been bitten by coyotes throughout the area. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. It is unknown at this time how many coyotes may be involved in these incidents.

The City of Mission is working collaboratively with the Conservation Officer Service on public outreach efforts, including canvassing areas where the initial attacks occurred to identify potential attractants, installing signage in areas where an incident occurred, mailing letters to residents in proximity of known attacks, and increasing patrols.

  • In the event of an encounter with a coyote that is behaving aggressively, WildSafeBC recommends the following actions:
  • make yourself appear large, maintain eye contact, and speak in a low firm voice or shout;
  • do not run or turn your back as this may trigger an attack;
  • pick up small pets and children immediately; older children should stay close and not try to run away;
  • wave your arms and if you have a walking stick or gardening implement such as a rake or shovel, be prepared to use it as a weapon against the coyote;
  • throw rocks, sticks or other objects in the animal’s vicinity;
  • if the coyote continues to approach, do not run, or turn your back on it, continue looking large and making noise while you slowly retreat. Move towards more people or into your home or vehicle;
  • if the coyote attacks, deliver a series of blows either with your feet or a sturdy stick at the animal’s ribs and stomach; and
  • report the encounter to the Conservation Officer Service.

Aggressive behaviour towards people is not typical and may be the result of the animal becoming comfortable due to being fed, either directly or indirectly, by people.

Urban environments offer many potential attractants, including garbage, small pets and pet food, livestock, fruit, berries, compost, bird seed, and rodents. The City of Mission and the COS cannot stress enough the importance of not feeding coyotes and ensure that all attractants are secured.

Coyotes will prey upon domestic cats. Keep cats indoors or within a secure enclosure. Recent conflicts have included attacks and fatalities of free-roaming pets.  

The COS is monitoring coyote activity and will respond as necessary to ensure public safety. Coyote conflicts and the unlawful feeding of dangerous wildlife can be reported to the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) hotline at 1-877-952-7277.

For specific information regarding human-coyote conflicts and attractant management, visit, e-mail, or call 604-702-5086.

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