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Chilliwack October 2022 Weather Recap – 95 Day Drought Ended October 20 – Warmest October On Record

Chilliwack (Roger Pannett Environment Canada) – The record heat and dry conditions which commenced on July 18th continued to October 20th.

A record 95 day record breaking drought.

In addition to the hottest August & September on record, October was also the warmest on record dating back 143 years.

The mean temperature was 14.25 °C, 3.25 °C above normal. ( The standard deviation is + or – 1.1 ºC).

Previous warmest Octobers were :- 13.77 °C in 2015.

13.7 º C in 2014.

13.5 ºC in 1952.

Data recorded by Roger Pannett. Volunteer Weather Observer for Environment Canada at the City of Chilliwack.

VariableOctober 202230 Year Average
Mean Maximum19.46 C15.3 C
Mean Minimum9.04 C6.7 C
Mean Temperature14.25 C11.0 C
Rainfall146.1mm186.1 mm
Snowfall0.0 cm0.1 cm
Total Precipitation146.1 mm186.2 mm
Days of Rain9 days16 days
Days of Snow
Total Days of Precipitation9 days16 days
Frosts0.9 dev’
Relative humidity average69.53 %.

Until mid month a massive and persistent ridge of high pressure, with daily sunshine, contributed to a total of 14 unusual October high temperature records:-

Date. New Record. Previous Record.

October 2nd High mean 20.25 ⁰C (+7.65 ºC) 19.8 ⁰C in1988.

October 2nd . High max 27.8⁰C (+10.1 ºC) 27.1 ºC in 1993.

October 3rd . High max 27.6 ºC (+10.9 ºC) 26.7 ºC in 1952.

October 6th High max 29.2 ºC ( +11.9 ºC ) 27.8 ºC in 1952.

October 7th High mean 20.6 ºC ( +8.5 ºC ) 20.3 ºC in 1964.

October 7th High max 28.0 ºC ( +10.9 ºC ) 27.2 ºC in 1964.

October 8th High max 26.0 ºC ( +9.6 ºC ) 25.6 ºC in 1951.

October 9th High max 24.6 ºC (+8.6 ºC ) 23.9 ºC in 1906.

October 13th High mean 17.25 ºC (+6.35 ºC ) 15.3 ºC in 1881.

October 13th High max 24.5 ºC ( +9.3 ºC ) 22.2 ºC in 1952.

October 15th High mean 19.75 ºC ( + 8.85 ºC) 17.5 ºC in 1963.

October 15th High max 27.2 ºC (+11.8 ºC ) 22.8 ºC in 1954.

October 16th High mean 18.5 ºC ( + 8.0 ºC ) 16.7 ºC in 1926.

October 16th High max 24.0 ºC ( +9.1 ºC ) 23.0 ºC in 2002.

On October 6th the high maximum temperature record of 29.2 ºC with a low 22% relative humidity, smashed the previous October all time max of 27.8 ºC in 1952.

On October 23rd, the minimum temperature for the month was a cool 3.0 ºC ,

2.3 ºC below normal.

Incidentally October 23rd was day 40 of unhealthy wildfire smoke in Chilliwack !

For the record, 13 smoky days before the campfire ban was prematurely lifted on September 20th ( during a record Drought level 5 and Extreme wildfire risk rating) and 27 smoky days thereafter!

From September 20th to October 23rd > 70 human ignited wildfires, with zero lightning ignited, added to the unhealthy smoky conditions. From October 16th to 20th, a temperature inversion, common in the fall and winter months, further intensified the wildfire smoky conditions to a hazardous and extremely unhealthy horrendous air quality rating of 10 +!

Going forward, as stated in my correspondence dated October 15 th to simplify the wildfire prevention protocol, when the BC Wildfire service issues a High or Extreme Fire Danger rating it must include an automatic Campfire ban. With a continuing trend to hotter and drier Summers & Falls, this policy needs to be adopted. And if not, why not?

On October 21st typical fall rainy conditions arrived in southern B.C.

Prior to months end two atmospheric rivers produced welcome rain, heavy at times. With rainfall totals 21.54 % below normal it was the driest October in 4 years.

The City of Chilliwack year to date precipitation totals are 955.5 mm on 130 days compared to the 30 year average of 1,346.2 mm on 133 days.

The City of Chilliwack year to date precipitation totals are 1,155.1mm on 154 days compared to the 30-year average of 1,346.7 mm on 133 days.


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