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Using Writing for Healing – UFV Flood Writing Project For Grades K-12

Fraser Valley – We here in the Fraser Valley and much of B.C. endured an extremely stressful collective experience last November and early December when multiple floods occurred.

Now a special project based at the University of the Fraser Valley is inviting those affected to share their experiences. 

The Flood Stories expressive arts contest offers an outlet for people to use creativity for processing stressful experiences that arose last year in the Fraser Valley and much of B.C. when multiple floods occurred. The contest is open to schoolchildren from Abbotsford and Chilliwack in grades K through 12 (including private schools and homeschoolers), as well as UFV students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Led by Dr. Michelle Superle, an English professor and research associate with the UFV Food and Agriculture Institute, the Flood Stories project engages farmers in the Fraser Valley who were affected by the November 2021 extreme flooding events, inviting them and their families to share their experiences in spoken, written, and artistic format. The project uses a narrative approach (developed in consultation with narrative therapy expert Dr. Stephen Madigan) to better understand how Abbotsford farmers have been affected by floods and what they need to begin thriving again.

“We recognize that the flood was a very unusual and traumatic experience for many people, both those whose properties flooded and those who observed their fellow citizens undergoing extreme stress,” notes Superle. “We think it’s important, as the first anniversary of the flood approaches, to tell those stories, record them for posterity, and learn from them. Telling their story can also be therapeutic for those affected.”

The Expressive Arts Contest is the final component of the Flood Stories project. Submissions are due by November 4, and participants will have their artistic projects displayed online and on campus at UFV, as well as other locations throughout Abbotsford. Entries will be assessed by a jury composed of UFV arts students, with prizes for winners. 

See the full criteria here: 

Send your submissions to
Extended Deadline to submit: Nov 4, 2022

Winners announced: Nov 14, 2022

Flood Abbotsford Nov 2021 – Robynn Bennett, UFV Employee

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