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Lewis Point Drops Out of 2022 Chilliwack School Trustee Race

Chilliwack – It’s the first bombshell for the 2022 Municipal Election campaign.

Strike the name of Lewis Point from the list of candidates for Chilliwack School Board.

From his Facebook page: Steven Lewis Point

To whom it may concern:

Upon further investigation into a personal medical matter, I have withdrawn from the electoral race for school board trustee.

I have informed both “Parents Voice” and the chief electoral officer of Chilliwack, that I have withdrawn from both.

I am honored to have even been nominated and regret I cannot complete this election process and campaign. I greatly appreciate the support and hope that many will turn out to vote this October 15, 2022.

Point was running under the “Parents Voice” banner which includes Barry Neufeld, Heather Maahs, Dr Darrell Ferguson, Richard Procee and Eliott Friesen.

Barry Neufeld recently stated in a video interview that he was proud that Lewis, who is Indigenous, was in the running alongside his slate of right wing candidates.

Lewis Point/2022/Facebook/People’s Party of Canada Fraser Valley

That was followed by a Facebook response by Brian Martin from Chilliwack Advocates for Inclusive Leadership:

Lewis Point has dropped out.

According to election rules:

September 16:
Withdrawal of candidates. A candidate cannot withdraw after 4:00 p.m. local time on this date unless it is approved by the Minister responsible for the Local Government Act.

My guess is his name will be on the ballot. People voting will see his name listed with “Parents Voice” beside it.

If anyone gets confirmation about his name on the ballot let us know.…/pfbid031YN4fuSsQTvstdwghAqm8…

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