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Dr. Darrell Furgason PhD Will Run For Second Term on Chilliwack School Board

Chilliwack – Darrell Furgason will run for a second term as a Chilliwack School Trustee. Furgason came in 6th of the 7 candidates that were elected in 2018.

Furgason (according to his Linked In Page) teaches at TWU and is Former Adjunct Professor, Liberty University VA’, Director – Worldview Studies Center, PhD Sydney Univ

From his July media release, he openly spoke of the conflicts with other Trustees:

Dr. Darrell Furgason PhD

I am planning to run again in the coming October 2022 School Board election as I do not feel I have finished the task of re-focusing education in Chilliwack on the academic and intellectual development of children.
Too much time has been spent by the past Board majority (Riechelt, Bondar, Swankey, Mumford) focusing on political activism, trying to silence the voices and ideas of conservative Trustees through investigators and sanctions, a lawsuit, and by promoting a Left wing ideological agenda. I am running again with the goal of promoting student achievement. That is all. I believe that is what Trustees are elected to do, and that is what parents in Chilliwack should expect from a School Board Trustee. Here are some of my values and goals.

I will promote the emotional, psychological, and intellectual development of all children equally, in a culturally inclusive and accepting learning environment.
I will support our hard-working, dedicated teachers to improve critical thinking skills so that students are prepared academically for future opportunities.
I will increase the teaching of practical and trade skills that will equip graduates for successful future employment.
I will prioritize more effective community representation, increase public participation, and encourage more parents to be involved in shaping School District decisions.

I will work with leadership and District staff so the School Board does not continue to be a rubber stamp for Ministry of Education bureaucrats, and activist groups with political agendas.

On September 12, he updated his platform:

Dr Furgason is running for Trustee in the Chilliwack School Board election October 15, 2022. He has been involved in education at the high school and university levels for more than 40 years, having taught in Australia, the USA and Canada. He has also been a lecturer in the Political Science department at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC (2002). Dr Furgason has given academic lectures, seminars and presentations in more than 15 countries. He is currently the Director for the Worldview Studies Center, a non-profit Christian educational association that helps students develop critical thinking skills to analyze global developments. From 2005-2013 he was also an Adjunct Professor in the Jesse Helms School of Government, at Liberty University, Virginia. Dr Furgason has a B.A. and B. Letters in Philosophy from the Australian National University, and an M.A. in International Studies and PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Sydney. He has 5 children, 9 grandchildren and lives in Chilliwack..


Dr Furgason seeks to help the Chilliwack School District achieve:

1) Academic Excellence

2) Critical thinking skills, not indoctrination

3) Quality, FACT based curriculum, not radical ideologies

4) Parents rights in education

5) Emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being, not the sexualization of children

2018 Municipal Election results (City of Chilliwack):

City of Chilliwack/2018

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