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Margaret Reid Thought About A 2018 Run – In 2022 She WILL Run for Chilliwack School Trustee – October 15 Municipal Elections

Chilliwack – On her Facebook page Margaret Reid for School Trustee, Reid outlines what happened she thought about a bid for Chilliwack School Trustee in 2018 and why she will make a serious run in 2022.

The timing is stressful as Reid and her family are in the process of finding a new home for her husband and kids, balancing work and family and running in the October 15 vote.

From Margaret Reid for School Trustee:

Four years ago during the contentious time leading up to the municipal election I considered running for school trustee. After some deep thought I realized even though I passionately wanted to create change, I would only be doing it at that point to run against something. I wanted to know what I stood FOR, what I brought to the team, and if I would be effective in that role. As a lifelong Chilliwack resident who went through Chilliwack schools grades 1-12, a member of the LGBTQ2+ community, and a parent of three children in our public system I have made it my mission since then to become an engaged citizen and advocate for our community to better understand the needs of many different groups and if I can help us get there together.

Since the last election, I co-founded and sit on the Board for Chilliwack Citizens for Change and Chilliwack Pride. I sit on Chilliwack Healthier Community’s Poverty Reduction Team and the City Wide Gardening Project and through those tables I created Extra FARE (a food hamper for people with allergies,) and co-created and became President of the society for the Downtown Chilliwack Community Market- a food-security focused farmer’s market right in the Downtown Chilliwack neighbourhood I grew up in. For my paid profession I do frontlines community work (previously COVID and flood relief, and currently centered around supporting local Indigenous Communities.) I also joined the PAC at my children’s school and became our DPAC rep, learning as much as possible about the issues at different levels.

The passion I have for my community has been reflected in my volunteer and paid work, and I would carry it into my role as a trustee as well. I know what I stand for and I have proven that when I believe in something I make change happen. My platform is based on my personal passions and skills which I developed through community action and my experience as a parent in this district: Food security, mental health, and student supports. I want to be in the room to advocate for these things, which I believe are essential for all staff and families.

I believe that a school trustee should show up every day and put the work in. They should listen. They should care. They should fight to be sure our children’s needs are met. I don’t see that reflected in the work or investment level of all our sitting trustees and that does our children a disservice. But I am not here to simply run against something, and we can all agree that too much time is spent not moving this District forward. We need to focus on showing up everyday to collaborate and innovate and make sure good work is done. I care. I show up. I make things happen when I believe in them. I am running for our children and their needs. I am running for our hard-working teachers and their needs. I want to be at the table to ask questions, innovate, find solutions, and bring the voices of everyone in our community to the table.

You can help me this election by telling me what matters to you (by email, social media, or my upcoming website,) by contributing to my campaign (financially or as a volunteer,) and *most importantly of all* by voting for me on October 15th, and sharing your reasons for that vote with others in our community. Share this post, and invite your friends to like my page.

I want to show up for our children, families, teachers, and staff. Vote Margaret Reid for School Trustee on October 15th.

I can be reached via this Facebook page, Instagram (MargaretForTrustee) or email (

Donations can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer to

2018 School Trustee Chilliwack Election Results/City of Chilliwack/2018
Margaret Reid for School Trustee 2022/Photo credit: Sarah Sovereign Photography

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