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Willow Reichelt Will Run for Second Term as School Trustee in Chilliwack

Chilliwack – Willow Reichelt will run for a second term as School Trustee in Chilliwack.

The race for the October 15 Municipal Elections is now ramping up as we are into decision making time for candidates and whether or not they want their families and friends to go through the grind.

Willow Reichelt has had an eye opening first term on School Board and for a time, Board Chair.

SOGI 123 and inclusion topics have raised the ire of a few on the board and to the point where name calling became public.

Reichelt, a former teacher and her husband, a current elementary school teacher have been a team through the first campaign starting in 2018.

On Tuesday evening, Reichelt did a soft launch of her 2022 campaign on social media.

The Bio –

Reichelt was first elected to the Board in 2018 and has served as both Chair and Vice Chair. 

Willow Reichelt was born in Chilliwack and graduated from Sardis Secondary (where she met her husband). After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a teaching certificate from UVic, Reichelt returned to Chilliwack and taught in SD33 for 14 years. After leaving teaching, Reichelt became involved in community activism, including organizing You Belong Here (a rally in support of Muslims and other immigrants), acting as emcee for Fraser Valley Marches for Women, and organizing rallies in support of LGBTQ2S+ youth. 

Reichelt has two sons, both of whom graduated from Sardis Secondary.

The Facebook page is here.

Her Statement:

I grew up in Chilliwack and have raised my children here. I love my community, and I want it to be a thriving city where our diversity is celebrated. Throughout my first four years on the Board I have remained steadfast in my commitment to working to create an equitable district where every child feels included and has the supports necessary to learn.

I am proud of many of the things we have accomplished as a Board during my first term. Our strategic plan is a forward-thinking document that directs our resources to the vital areas of reading and numeracy while also acknowledging the systemic barriers that some students face and that need to be addressed.

A policy that I’m particularly proud to have helped move forward is our new Student Dress Guidelines. Due to the work of this Board, and after extensive feedback from partners, we now have a district-wide policy that focuses on safety rather than modesty. This means that girls in particular are no longer missing class or being body shamed because of their clothing.

In my next term, I want to focus on equity and reconciliation. True equity would mean that every student in the district would have access to the programs and services that support and inspire them regardless of their economic background or the neighbourhood they live in. It would mean that students of all abilities were able to fully participate in learning and play. We’ve made progress, but we have more work to do.

Reconciliation is not just a goal but a duty. Our new district motto is Syós:ys Iets’e th’ále, lets’emó:t (one heart, one mind, working together for a common purpose). Choosing to use a Halq’eméylem phrase as a guiding principle for the district is just one way that we are demonstrating our commitment to true partnership with Indigenous people. Our work will not be done until we achieve parity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous grad rates.

The vast majority of Chilliwack residents want to see an inclusive board that accepts and celebrates all students. We don’t want our education system dragged back to the 1950s: We are focused on the future. On October 15, vote Willow Reichelt for school trustee.

2018 Chilliwack School Trustee Results:

City of Chilliwack/2018
2022 Willow Reichelt for School Trustee

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