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Chilliwack July Weather – After Mid Month, It Felt Like Summer!

Chilliwack (Roger Pannett, Environment Canada) – Canada Day was picture perfect then a few days of rain.

By mid-month, a typical July evolved and by the last week, record or near record temperatures were recorded.

Until mid-month a re-occurring trough of low pressure resulted in 7 days of showery conditions. After mid month a strong ridge of high pressure developed with associated clear, sunny skies and rising temperatures!

Six high temperature records were observed:-

Date. New Record. Previous Record.

July 26th . High min 20.0°C (+8.7°C). 19.0°C in 2009

July 26th . High mean 28.9°C (+10.6°C). 25.0°C in 1971+2018

July 26th High max 37.8°C( +12.6°C). 33.9°C in 1971

July 27th High min 20.6°C (+9.2°C) 18.3°C in 1958

July 28th “ “ 19.7°C (+8.2°C) 19.4°C in 1958

July 29th “ “ 19.7°C( +8.5°C) 18.4°C in 2009

There were 9 hot days, with temperatures exceeding 30.0°C, compared to the average 3 hot days with a + or – 2.7 day deviation.

Temperature extremes for the month were the record 37.8°C (+12.6°C ) with a relative humidity of 23% on July 26th and a mild overnight minimum of 12.0°C on July 19th. The all time July record max of 38.3°C on July 29th ,2009 remains.

The month concluded with a 7 day heatwave with temperatures >32.0°C, equaling the extended heatwaves observed during the summers of 2004 & 2009.

(July 31st ,35.5°C (+10.2°C). Record 35.6°C in 1965 remains.)

With a mean temperature at 21.62°C (3.47°C above normal) it was the 11th consecutive July with mean temperatures above normal, the past ten in excess of the standard deviation + or – 1.2°C, a warming trend never previously observed since Chilliwack records commenced in 1895.

Hottest July’s on record, based on Mean temperatures, are as follows:-

July 2015 at 22.17°C

July 2018 at 22.09°C

July 2021 at 21.84°C

July 1958 at 21.70°C

July 2022 at 21.62°C

Very high UV. levels were reported on 18 days, peaking at a 9 rating.

Total rainfall was 30.8 % below normal with the month concluding with a 14 day continuing drought.

The City of Chilliwack 2022 precipitation total to date is 801.7 mm on 119 days compared to the average of 983 mm on 97 days.

Data recorded by Roger Pannett, Volunteer Weather Observer for Environment Canada at Chilliwack, B.C.

VariableJuly 202230 Year Average
Mean Maximum27.83 °C24.3C
Mean Minimum15.42 °C12.0°C
Mean Temperature21.62 C18.15 C
Rainfall31.8 mm46.0 mm
Snowfall0.0 cm0.0 cm
Total Precipitation31.8 mm46.0 mm
Days of Rain7 days6 days
Days of Snow
Total Days of Precipitation7 days6 days
Relative humidity average64.9 %.

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