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BUSINESS – Big Changes Coming to Aromatica Fine Teas in Chilliwack – New Owners

Chilliwack – There are some big changes coming to Aromatica Fine Teas.

Don’t fret, they’re still in business.

In July, 2005 Karen and Kim submitted a business plan to Brian and Faye Minter proposing a tea shop in the “A” frame building on the north edge of Minter Country Gardens parking lot. Before they could open, they were stuck in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and did not know whether they would live to open their dream.

Fast forward through sixteen years of building a great business and meeting thousands of amazing people, and Aromatica Fine Teas has come full circle.

February 1, 2022, Aromatica will welcome new owners: Ethan and Ryley Maarhuis. Many local customers have met Ethan in the store as he has been apprenticing for the past few months.

Ethan is young with experience beyond his years. He is a Chilliwack native with deep roots in the community. He is an accountant, has tea sommelier training, loves tea and tea culture, and has come to learn that the goal of Aromatica is not just to hustle tea; it is to build community. Ethan will take over with a full appreciation of what a unique and discriminating cadre of clients Aromatica serves.

Your private custom blends will still be on file and the Aromatica House Blends will remain.

You will still be able to order online through

Aromatic Fine Teas/Canada 24/7

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