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UPDATE – New Years Day – Annual Vedder River Salmon, Water and Ceder Ceremony with Eddie Gardner (VIDEOS and PICTURES)

Vedder River – It is an annual event organized by Environmentalist Eddie Gardner.

On January 1, 2022 at 11AM at the Vedder River Trail – same place as last year, Eddie lead offerings to the trees planted at the site in 2021, and sing to the river, salmon, cedar and all our relations, raising our heartfelt gratitude to our Sacred Life Spirit for blessing us with this beautiful Mother Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and all the beautiful light beings in the seen and unseen realms.

FVN/Eddie Gardner

From Eddie Gardner – The ceremonial site is about half way between the Vedder Bridge parking lot and Peach Road parking lot. Alternatively, you could park at Peach Road Parking lot and go east until you come to the path to the river. (meet at Peach Road parking lot)

There will be signs. The event is close to the “blue building under constriction which is the new Stitó:s Lá:lém Totí:lt Elementary / Middle School.

UPDATE – Eddie Gardner · Alright! The signs are up! We are ready to do ceremony at the Vedder River tomorrow morning – see you all at 11 am! It was a spectacular, beautiful sunny day today! People have committed to coming to help out early for set up! Today it was -5 degrees, tomorrow we expect only -2 degrees and occasional flurries. Dress warm, we will have a nice fire to warm up the drums and make offerings to the ancestors and helping spirits. What a wonderful way to purify ourselves, renew ourselves and begin the new year with a beautiful vision for the future, entering a new time, a new environment, and a new, fresh state of being! My hands go up to all who will be making their way to the ceremonial site, and to all those who will be with us in spirit. Much love and beautiful blessings to all that will sparkle and fill your live with joy! OSIEM

The power of water transforms the landscape. Together, sending our love,respect and gratitude, we too can transform the earth, and each doing our part. It we want to see peace, harmony and generosity, we have to more than pray and meditate. We have to be peace, we have be harmony, we have to be generous. Let’s start the new year in an uplifting way, making our personal and collective commitments to do our part to make this world a good place to be for the well-being of all our relations and for the well-being of future generations. Osiem si:ya:ye! Xwithet tset, Chowiyes tset! We wake up, we rise up with a vision of a beautiful world filled with biodiversity and harmony! Let the drumming and singing mark our new beginnings!

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