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BUSINESS BLOG – Peristaltic Pumps (Sepro Mixing and Pumping)

Fraser Valley (Catherine Hercus/Sepro Mixing and Pumping) – Peristaltic Pumps Are Versatile and Ecofriendly

What are peristaltic pumps? Peristaltic pumps use rotor rollers or shoes to compress the tube inside the pump creating pressure which pushes the fluid through the tube. As the rotor moves forward, the compressed section expands to its original volume, creating suction that draws in fresh slurry. This design prevents contamination of the pumping fluid as only the inside of the hose contacts the fluid.

They are widely used in mineral processing plants to safely transport corrosive, abrasive, and viscous materials. They provide a low maintenance solution due to their seal less design and low operating cost. From safely pumping organic waste to dosing chemicals in water treatment plants, they provide an accurate consistent flow without valves and balls, which can corrode and become clogged. The pumps can also pump in reverse so no chemicals are left in the line. 

They are available in 11 sizes and provide flow rates from 0.2m3/hr up to 110m3/hr, and 145 psi discharge pressure.

Peristaltic pumps are an ecofriendly choice, as they only use 25% of the water and 60% of the electricity a centrifugal pump does. That can save 1.1 million litres of water a year and a lot of power!

They are also used in water treatment plant to transfer and dose chemicals. The pumps provide an accurate, metered flow without the use of valves and balls. Where fluids contain solids or other debris, the gentle positive action of the pumps is extremely forgiving. Even large objects have passed through the pumps without damaging them.

Chemical manufacturing plants often transfer corrosive, abrasive, and harmful compounds to mixing tanks and reactors. As there is no contact between the product and the casing, aggressive chemicals can be safely transferred. The hoses are also robust and are made to withstand even the harshest materials. Since there are no internal components, maintenance is easy, leaks are rare, and there is no chance of outside contamination.

The fishing industry transfers whole or chopped fish, squid, offal, fish paste carcasses and oils without damage. Large solids can be transported across the plant, eliminating the need for expensive equipment, conveyors, and manual labour. With hoses large enough for whole fish to fit through, the fishing industry can transport their daily catch in a fast and cost-effective manner. This lowers labour costs while speeding up transportation, which is important for fresh products. 

The construction and tunneling industries move large quantities of wet sand, drilling mud slurries and other materials. This is sometimes done by wheelbarrows, manual labour, front end loaders and other labour-intensive methods. Using a properly designed sump and Peristaltic pump, this process can be vastly simplified, saving time, money, and labour.

To learn more about peristaltic pumps contact Sepro Mixing and Pumping at 1-800-990-5568 or


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