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City Of Chilliwack, November 2021 Historical Weather Report, Warmest December 1 in 41 Years

Chilliwack (Roger Pannett Environment Canada) – First — December 1, 2021, was a high record max at 18.0°C, 10.8°C above normal.

The warmest December day since the all-time record of 19.0°C on December 27, 1980. (Previous high max record for December 1st was 15.6°C in 1958.)  

The record high min at 9.5°C , 8.1°C above normal.( Previous record high min, 7.2°C  in 1903. )

Record high mean at 13.75°C , 9.45° above normal. (Previous high mean 10.9°C in 1958.)

Now for November –

VariableNovember 202130 Year Average
Mean Maximum11.03 C9.3 C
Mean Minimum5.07 C2.9 C
Mean Temperature8.05 C6.1 C
Rainfall615.6 mm228.8 mm
Snowfall0.0 cm10.2 cm
Total Precipitation615.6 mm239.0 mm
Days of Rain25 days18 days
Days of Snow1 day
Total Days of Precipitation25 days19 days
Relative humidity average81.2 %.

With a total of four,’Atmospheric rivers,’ historical rainfall totals occurred in the Fraser Valley. Four rainfall records, including a historical 24 hour rainfall event were observed.

Date. New Rainfall Record Previous Rainfall Record November 14th Historic 154.6 mm For date 53.6 mm in 1896.

(For any day, since 1879 ,122.6 mm on December 13th,1979.)

November 27th 65.7 mm 53.1 mm in 1973.

November 28th 58.2 mm 55.0 mm in 2003.

November 29th 43.6 mm 41.9 mm in 1939.

In summary, Initial Atmospheric storm, 219.5 mm , November 13th to 15th . Atmospheric storm #1. 46.1 mm . November 24th to 25th

Atmospheric Storm #2 137.3 mm November 27th to 28th Atmospheric Storm # 3 86.4 mm and counting. November 29th to December 1st.

In the monsoonal rains , three high temperature records occurred.

Date New Record Previous Record

November 30th High Min @ 9.5 ° (+8.3°C) 8.3°C in 1903.

“ 30th “ Mean @ 12.75°C (+8.75 °C) 10.0°C in 1904.

“ 30th Max 16.0 °C (+9.2°C) 13.9°C in 1904.

It was the 6th consecutive November with above normal mean temperatures, including three in excess of the +1.6 °C standard deviation, a trend never previously observed.

A Historical rainfall monthly total of 615.6 mm was observed, 257% above normal! The previous wettest month in the past 142 years was 586.2 mm in December 1979.

The City of Chilliwack year to date precipitation totals are 1,571.5 mm on 156 days compared to the 30-year average of 1,585.7 mm on 152 days.

Temperature extremes were the record breaking maximum temperature of 16.0 °C, 9.2 °C above normal overnight on November 30th and -0.9°C on November 17th , the first frost of the season. In 2021 there were 219 frost free days compared to the average 216 frost free days.

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