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City of Chilliwack, Village of Harrison, Ask That You Hold Off on Laundry Until Thursday December 2 – AFTER the Next Storm

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Chilliwack – On Sunday morning at 11 AM, the City of Chilliwack issued a flood update. The pressure on the sewer system has ramped up due to the rain:

Situation Update (Nov. 28): By 4am, Chilliwack received around 80mm of rain and crews worked overnight patrolling dikes, culverts, clearing culverts and keeping drainage courses clear of debris. Crews will continue to work throughout the day and into tonight. We are already experiencing some localized flooding on roads. Staff will continue to monitor water levels throughout the day and post updates as the situation changes.

Due to all the rain, our sewer system is once again taking in a lot of water. In order to help out the sewer system and prevent backups, we are asking that all residents reduce their water use in things like laundry until Thursday (Dec. 2).

If needed, pre-filled sandbags are currently available at Townsend Park and in Yarrow at the Masonite Door parking lot (Yarrow Central and No. 3 Road).

Sand and bags are available for self-fill at the Yarrow sports field. Sunday’s Nooksack forecast shows flows below flood stage, but staff continue to closely monitor water levels from a variety of sources and will provide updates as necessary.

From Village of Harrison Hot Springs Due to the extraordinary amount of rain we are experiencing, our wastewater systems are processing an exceptionally increased demand. We are asking residents and businesses to limit unnecessary use of water and wastewater (laundry, dishwashing, etc.) until our systems return to regular operation. Please do not discharge storm water into the sanitary sewer system. We appreciate your cooperation.

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