Calgary/Fraser Valley – The Trans Mountain Pipeline remains shut down following a voluntary, precautionary shut down on Sunday, November 14, in anticipation of the impacts of the heavy rainfall and extreme weather conditions.

In their November 25 media statement;

“With the continued deterioration of weather conditions in the region in the coming days, Trans Mountain is closely monitoring the situation to ensure our crews can continue to progress safely, particularly in areas still dependent on air support for access and provision of supplies and equipment.

Trans Mountain has added snow maintenance equipment – two plows and two snowcats – to the list of heavy equipment already engaged in the response. More than 400 people, seven helicopters and some 100 pieces of heavy equipment in the Coquihalla and Coldwater regions, focused on getting the pipeline restarted.

The pipeline remains safely in a static condition and there is no indication of any loss of containment or serious damage to the pipe. Our focus has shifted to complete repairs to ensure integrity of the line where it has been exposed and impacted by flooding and debris. In preparation of this work, we have staged necessary materials and supplies in the area, and we continue efforts to improve ground and air access into parts of the Coquihalla and Coldwater Valley isolated by highway damage.”

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