Ottawa – As the Federal government and the MP’s get back to work, there are a few procedures to go through before actual work gets done.

Former Broadcaster and now MP for Surrey-Fleetwood-Port Kells Ken Hardie, told FVN that basic business starts Monday with the election of the Speaker Monday; the Speech from the Throne Tuesday and then back to business on Wednesday.

That will include COVID Items, BC’s Floods and what was announced in October, the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit.

This is supposed to replace CRB and CERB but the nuts and bolts have not been fully vented.

The original FVN story is here.

The new benefit would be: 

  • $300 a week.
  • Strictly available to workers whose work interruption is a direct result of a government-imposed public health lockdown.
  • Available until May 7, 2022, with retroactive application to October 24, 2021 should the situation warrant it.
  • Accessible for the entire duration of a government-imposed public health lockdown (up until May 7, 2022).
  • Available to workers who are ineligible for Employment Insurance (EI) and those who are eligible for EI, as long as they are not paid benefits through EI for the same period. 

Individuals whose loss of income or employment is due to their refusal to adhere to a vaccine mandate would not be able to access the benefit.

FVN reached out to Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl to comment. FVN is waiting for a response.

One thought on “MP’s Back To Work – Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit On The Immediate Agenda”
  1. Ones life full of deceit , lies and scandals will doom the country he leads. Only “Fools” follow such.
    That is what this governments leaders are.

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