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Overdose Advisory for Abbotsford and Mission

Fraser Valley – Fraser Health noted that there has been a number of overdoses in Abbotsford and Mission over the past  days. Reports suggest overdoses are connected to a dark purple substance sold as down/opioids.  

Friends, family and community members using opioids and stimulants face increased risk from both injection and inhalation.

Key messages for people who use substances:

  • Use less than you normally would
  • Do a tester; try a little before your regular amount
  • Try not to use alone, and if you do, have someone check on you 
  • Stagger use with friends so someone can respond if needed
  • Know the signs of overdose (early signs may include unusual snoring, or taking less than 1 breath every 5 seconds)
  • Call 9-1-1 quickly when you notice something isn’t right (the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act provides immunity from simple possession charges for those who call 911 in the case of an overdose)
  • If you suspect the overdose is caused by a suspected/confirmed benzo, communicate this when help arrives
  • Provide breaths (every 5 seconds until the person regains consciousness or help arrives)
  • Get naloxone from these locations:             

Let Fraser health us know through if you receive any information about what people might be taking (colour, smell, consistency, packaging).

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