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Remembrance Day Tradition at Chilliwack Anavets 2021 – Rob Rowan a.k.a Waylon Jennings Tribute (VIDEO)

Chilliwack – The tradition continued for the Chilliwack Anavets. After the traditional Remembrance Day ceremonies (and no parade due to COVID) , veterans and their families and guests head to the Anavets or the Legion to raise a pint or two.

The Chilliwack Anavets always has music and this year it was Rob Rowan. Rowan is best known for his Waylon Jennings tribute on the bar and theatre circuit.

What is noticeable over the past couple of years, are the numbers. As many vets have passed on or they are too frail to make the trek into the club.

COVID also hit both the Anavets and Legions hard due to protocol.

In the past when FVN has gone to the Anavets, there was a challenge to squeeze past everyone. Not to much this year.

If you are family of a veteran or can make any size donation, please do as these facilities do not operate on their own steam

In the case of the Anavets, any music performer is playing for tips… not a fee.

Chilliwack Anavets 2021 Remembrance Day/FVN
Rob Rowan, Chilliwack Anavets 2021 Remembrance Day/FVN
Chilliwack Anavets 2021 Remembrance Day/FVN

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