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Fall Back to Standard Time Sunday @2AM – IT Won’t Be The Last… Time

Fraser Valley – “maybe the last time, I don’t know” – Rolling Stones

Here we go again. The Standard Time – time change and the call for the end of the resetting of the clocks

The debate continues on whether or not BC should scrap the twice a year time change. Attorney General David Eby introduced legislation on October 31, 2019, to keep Daylight Saving Time all year round.

Well …. crickets ….

In a 2019 BC on line poll, 93 per cent were in favour of keeping DST all year long.

There are concerns from medical professional about SAD and sleep deprivation. Full time Daylight Saving time would see a 9 AM sunrise come December 21 (traditionally the “shortest” day of the year).

The new time zone would be called Pacific Time.

Pro sports teams like the Vancouver Canucks could see 8PM starts to stay in line for TV coverage.

So what about the other West Coast states in the US? The original plan was to wait for realign with the rest of the West Coast of North America. The catch there is that American Coastal States have to have Congressional approval for a time change. BC like other Provinces can flip the switch anytime they choose.

But BC would like to be in sync with the rest of the West Coast.

Last fall, then Premier re-elect John Horgan had suggested: “One more season of patience. If the (United States) does not get its act together, I would suggest this is the last season of falling back and springing forward.

That was 2020. It didn’t change a thing.

The bottom line – reset the clocks tonight or first thing tomorrow. Check the smoke alarms. Reset the timer on the coffee maker and have fun changing the clock in the vehicle (Check with the owners manual, You know… that book in the glove compartment that no one reads). … and get ready for 4:20PM sunsets.

Daylight Saving Time comes back March 14, 2021.

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