Hope – (with files from News1130/CKNW) The owners of Rolly’s Restaurant have been in the cross hairs of Fraser Health and the media over the past week or so.

The owners received word on Thursday to shut down by Fraser Health as they refuse to comply with the province’s vaccine card program.

It was a six month business closure with the potential of daily fines of $100 up to $25,000 if they remained open. There is also a threat of jail time for continued non-compliance.

They are still open.

On Friday, a rally was held in front of the eatery.

Rolly’s recently had support during the Federal Election over their anti passport stand courtesy of local PPC Candidate Rob Bugonovic and fellow supporters.

Marlene Abeling, who works at the popular diner and is the daughter of the principal owner, told News1130, they have no plans to stop serving — and no intention of asking anyone to show their vaccine card. When asked why, Abeling responded by citing conspiracy theories, claiming the false statement the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus and “this is not about health.” She also said she believes the vaccine card requirement is discrimination, and not legal.

No word on what the District of Hope or Fraser Health will do next. Hope RCMP seem reluctant to weigh in on the situation, according to social media posts.

More to come.


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