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Art Green is Once Again the Green Party of Canada’s Candidate for Chilliwack-Hope

Fraser Valley – On Tuesday, The Green Party of Canada’s Electoral District Association (EDA) of Chilliwack-Hope announced their nomination contest had closed and Arthur Green will once again head back into the political spotlight as the federal candidate for Chilliwack-Hope in the September 20 Federal Election.

Green is no stranger to politics, having run both federally and provincially in the past.

From his campaign statement:

Arthur’s no. 1 issue in this campaign is human-made climate change and the adverse affects of global warming on health, the economy, and the collapse of environmental ecosystems. Arthur is a keen follower of the IPCC and has come to realize there are no other issues that are more detrimental to the planet and future generations. We are closely narrowing the gap between a liveable planet and destruction of all its habitable environment. If we are to survive as a civilization, we must electrify our energy systems and immediately put an end to burning fossil fuels. As difficult as this may sound, we must reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 if we wish to keep the planet habitable. We can also look at this as an opportunity for economic growth. As the greatest economic catalyst that the world will ever see, will be the transition to clean and renewable energy systems. Arthur wishes good luck to all the candidates, as they vigorously debate these crucial issues.

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