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UFV’s CIVL Radio – Request for Proposals: $50K Video Journalism Grant

Fraser Valley – UFV’s radio station, CIVL has been awarded $50,000 in project grants funding from the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC). This grant project is to provide for the execution of a 20 year retrospective video documentary production between September 2021 and August 2022.

CIVL are looking for someone to spend the year working to tell their story of accessible community arts and alternative media engagement in a comprehensive, accountable, exciting and professional way.

The details from Station Manager Aaron Levy:


CIVL is the University of the Fraser Valley’s campus and community radio station, having incorporated as a BC Society in 2005, after working since 2003 towards the goal of terrestrial broadcast. We began as an online station in 2008, and started broadcasting on FM in 2010, making us the youngest of roughly 50 campus-based FM services operating in Canada to date. By summer 2023 CIVL will be the only campus broadcaster in Canada with different frequencies in multiple communities, when we activate our CRTC-approved signal on 92.3 FM in Chilliwack. We are a non-profit organization built on the auspices of volunteer engagement and accessibility.


  1. Creation of a feature video documentary/series of CIVL’s history and ongoing operations since 2003
  2. Production of 3 training videos documenting CIVL’s current orientation lectures/presentations
  3. Production/preparation/release of various social media video content


More on the deliverables listed above:

1: This project will focus on 4 primary quadrants of content in a video documentary series or feature:

  1. CIVL’s extensive background history and operations from 2003 to date
  2. Campus/Community Radio in Canada (NCRA), it’s history, functions, values and challenges
  3. Reflecting on CIVL’s work with it’s various partners within the cultural context of the unique area of Abbotsford/Fraser Valley
  4. The future of CIVL/campus and community radio in the Valley

2:    A) ~5 total hours of instructional content to be prepared for online access

3:    A) Occasionally, as appropriate throughout the project

One baseline content collection metric for this project includes conducting 50 (fifty) 1 hour long interviews with CIVL volunteers, founders, partners, stakeholders and staff from over the past two decades (including NCRA personnel). Minimum of one such interview per week will air in audio only format on CIVL upon completion of this project starting in September 2022.These interviews may act as part of an ‘environmental scan’ to assist the producers in establishing effective narratives and areas for more follow up.

From these base interviews, the bigger picture of CIVL’s history and organizational direction will be shaped for video production. Further interviews will provide deeper context, historical narrative and alternate perspectives. Selections/sections of these interviews will be edited in video to make up portions of the video documentary content.


The successful applicant will provide their own primary video production tools and equipment.

CIVL will provide in-studio and field audio recording equipment, space and software access as necessary.

CIVL will work with the successful applicant to support acquisition, sharing, rental and/or development of necessary additional technical resources, including, but not limited to the use of project based expenses mentioned below.


Guaranteed expenses:

Human Resources: $47,500 gross CAD

Projected 35-40 hours weekly (1,800 – 2,100 total billable hours, $22.80-$26.10/hr ) between September 2021 and September 2022.

Expenses: $2,500 (Equipment, travel, other)

Potential for Back-End Earnings:

CIVL is eager to negotiate additional compensation to the successful applicant regarding a % split with the station of any profits and/or earnings related to sponsorship and/or sale of the completed production.


Content is expected to be provided to the CRFC in completion before September 2022.


Responses to this request for proposals are due by 11:59 PM PST on August 27th, 2021. Please send your proposals to with the subject line “Documentary Proposal”. Please title specific questions or inquiries with the subject line “Documentary Queries”.


Proposals will be accepted from individual film makers, journalists and video/multimedia artists, as well as production teams or partnerships. All proposals submitted should contain a minimum of the following items:

• a list of key team members and sample work each of them have been principals on in the past

• overview of both equipment available and additional resources that might be needed for completion of this project

• your personal connection to radio

Beyond these items, feel free to include anything you think we need to see. If there are items that already live online, feel free to include a link to those things instead of duplicating them in your proposal.

Group vs Individual applicants:

This grant project is structured around hiring one individual to work full time on this project for one year. Teams or crews who submit a proposal are asked to show how they will staff the hours necessary to complete the research and production of the end content, in addition to being able to shadow and document activities and developments within the CIVL team/personnel operations and community over the course of the year. Individual applicants will be treated as full time employees for a one year contract.

Accountability/Reporting/Support Structure:

CIVL’s Board of Directors have applied for, and been awarded, this CRFC funded grant project to be directed by CIVL’s Station Manager, and all related operations will thus be supervised and supported by CIVL staff accordingly. Permanent staff will work with the successful applicant to make the best use possible of volunteer, student, and other station staff time in order to assist and support the candidate(s) in effective and efficient completion of the project.

COVID-19 Considerations:

This position will be conducted through a hybrid of in-person and remote work, adhering to COVID social distancing and other protocol as per PHO guidelines wherever applicable.

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