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Is Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl, Ready for a Federal Election? – Flyers on Selective Fisheries Arrive in Your Inbox as Other Candidates Prepare

Fraser Valley – This past week, Libertarians, Green Candidates and now local NDP are mobilizing, in anticipation of a Federal Election Call. (DJ Pohl is now the NDP candidate for Chilliwack-Hope)

That would happen within days if not hours.

Current MP for Chilliwack-Hope is Conservative Mark Strahl.

Flyers arrived in the mail this week as well as to subscriber inbox’s.

In this, Strahl attached a questionnaire about selective fisheries. Always a hot button topic for Fraser Valley anglers and activists.

It’s not the first time he has sent out a flyer, but the timing is curious.

From the Flyer and Website:

This spring, it was my honour to introduce my Private Member’s Bill, C-297, the Selective Fisheries Act, in the House of Commons. If passed, the Bill would provide more opportunities for public selective fisheries and increase the number of marked fish from hatcheries.

Anglers here in Chilliwack—Hope have been asking for a plan to allow for selective fisheries for plentiful species while maintaining the conservation of vulnerable salmon stocks. The Selective Fisheries Act would do just that.

Bill C-297 would authorize the Fisheries Minister to establish selective fishing programs to allow for the conservation of any species of fish that is at risk of overexploitation and to promote the fishing of species of which there are healthy stocks.

The Bill would also expand the number of fish that are marked in our hatcheries to allow recreational anglers to target these fish when authorized to do so.

The Questions: MP Strahl’s Private Member’s Bill, C-297, the Selective Fisheries Act would provide selective fishing opportunities in the Fraser River and across Canada. Do you support the Selective Fisheries Act? Are you a recreational angler who would benefit from Bill C-297?

As of Noon August 5, no writ has been dropped although Elecitons Canada said earlier in the week, that they are prepared for any election call.

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