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Chilliwack Council Bylaw Amendments on Fireworks, Pump Track Expected To Pass – Information to Come on TMX Pipeline

Chilliwack – At Tuesday’s Chillliwack City Council Meeting (July 20), council is expected to adopt a number of bylaw amendments including three major contentious issues. The Pump Track, where vandalism and harassment has become a problem. The second is the blasting of fireworks within city limits. Fines start at $100 and can quickly escalate to $1000. The third is a receiving of information update on the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

You can watch on line on the City of Chilliwack YouTube Channel starting at 3PM.

From the Agenda Package (starting on Page 17):

First the Pump Track:

Every person who uses the Pump Track must:
(1) comply with all the rules of use posted at or near the Pump Track;
(2) wear a safety helmet at all times;
(3) enter and exit the Pump Track through a designated entrance or exit gate
only, except in the case of an emergency when emergency exit gates may
also be used to exit the Pump Track;
(4) not cause any obstruction on the Pump Track or create any unsafe conditions
while using the Pump Track;
(5) only ride bicycles or other forms of conveyance on the areas of the Pump
Track paved with asphalt

(6) not consume food or drink items on the Pump Track;
(7) not bring or use glass bottles or containers on the Pump Track or the
surrounding area enclosed by perimeter fence; and,
(8) not otherwise engage in inappropriate behaviour.

Any person ordered to leave the Pump Track under this Bylaw must immediately
leave the Pump Track and the vicinity and not return for at least 48 hours.


Unless expressly permitted by this Bylaw:
(1) no person may sell, offer for sale or otherwise transfer Consumer Fireworks to
any person.
(2) no person may sell, offer for sale or otherwise transfer Firecrackers to any person.
(3) no person may buy, hold, possess, Discharge, or otherwise use Consumer

(4) no person may buy, hold, possess, Discharge, or otherwise use Firecrackers.
(5) no person may Discharge a fire of any kind whatsoever in the open, including
airborne fire holding devices not under the control of the user such as Sky
5. No person may buy, hold, possess, store, transport, Discharge, or otherwise use Display
Fireworks without a Display Permit.
6. No Display Permit holder may store, Discharge or otherwise use Display Fireworks in
contravention of that Display Permit, or in an unsafe manner.
7. Except as provided in Section 10 of this Bylaw, no person may store or transport
Consumer Fireworks or Firecrackers.
8. No person may store or transport Fireworks or Firecrackers in an unsafe manner.
9. This Bylaw does not prohibit or regulate the use of torpedoes, flares, fuzees or similar
pyrotechnic devices by motorists, railroads, police or other agencies for signalling
purposes or illumination.
10. This Bylaw does not prohibit a person from possessing Fireworks or Firecrackers while
transiting through the City to another municipality.
11. An Enforcement Officer may seize Fireworks and Firecrackers unlawfully occupying a
portion of a Highway or Public Place

Trans Mountain Pipeline

Eryne Croquet noted in the Facebook group: Chilliwack Citizens for Change:

Chilliwack Council meets Tuesday at 3 pm. They are receiving a decision by the Canada Energy Regulator with respect to the TransMountain proposed pipeline route across Chilliwack. There is not really a motion – council is simply receiving the information. The City staff are recommending that the City NOT appeal the CER decision to approve the proposed pipeline route over our drinking water aquifer and under several of our schools. I think we should watch the discussion to see if we can learn why staff are recommending that the City not appeal the CER decision and to let Council know about our concerns about the proposed route.

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