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Portal Residents on the Move to Old Travelodge Until New Facility is Open in 2022

Chilliwack – It won’t cure the homeless controversy and some say the problem is just moving.

However, the residents of the Portal shelter, operated by Ruth and Naomi’s are on the move and that building could be empty by Thursday. The residents are heading for the old Travelodge at Yale by Highway 1. Around the corer is the BC Housing Youth facility which opened last year.

Moving trucks were seen in front of the shelter on Monday Afternoon.

Mayor Ken Popove confirmed that to FVN on Monday. The new shelter facility should be opened by February 2022 at Rowatt and Trethewey.

This move to the Travelodge is only temporary. FVN reporters notices the old Travelodge sign off Yale was taken down.

Popove emphasized, “remember these are people. Have some compassion for them”.”We promised that the Temporary use permit ( For RAN and the Portal) was only for 90 days and that we would make this happen”.

The Portal’s uneasy state with the neighbours will come to an end.

Brian Goldstone with Griffin Security as well as School Trustee Jared Mumford let the info leak on the Facebook page “Let’s Take Back Our Downtown”.

I was briefed this morning on what’s taking place with The Portal and have permission to share it with everyone. Going to be a long text I’m sure.First off no one would rent space for a new temporary building. Even if there was it could take up to 6 months to reno a new site and be operational. For example building has to be up to fire code, installing showers and more bathrooms.What is in the process of taking place is the majority of the current tenants are being moved to Travelodge which is now owned by BC Housing. Good location as there is no residential closeby. The Travelodge however did not hold enough beds for everyone at The Portal. Remember half was already being used for the same purpose. As a result some of the current residents will be housed at the old RAN building. Steps are being taken to ensure the two sites are kept separate. The guard we currently have at the Portal from 4 pm to 1 am will be moved to the RAN building. Our Portal patrol will remain in place and we will be continuing to patrol the same sites. We will continue to monitor the area surrounding to see if the actual street homeless move farther out and plan on adjusting the patrol area to accommodate new Hot spots such as we did when Tina noted groups of homeless at Christ Lutheran Church. Thank you again Tina.If you not an increase in homeless and addicts using near your home please let me know and we will try to accommodate you. The movement of The Portal will have some positive affect on the surrounding area I expect there will still be problems with those who do not reside at the Portal.

IHOP Fraser Valley, BC acknowledged that the restaurant next to the Travelodge will now close.

FINAL WEEKEND!Thank you Chilliwack for the honor of serving you for the past 8 years. We will miss you all dearly. We will be permanently closed by May 19 at 2pm.The Langley location will be happy to carry on all of your family traditions.

May be an image of text that says 'IHOP B IHOP RESTAURANT Weekend! Forever Closing Final'

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