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New Rules Come Into Force, Supporting Families Using Provincial Court

Victoria (Josh Olund BCIT Radio A&E) – New Provincial Court Family Rules will help streamline processes and support families to resolve matters earlier in the process and with reduced conflict.

The previously announced new rules, which will be in effect on May 17, 2021, include a focus on early intervention to resolve family law issues before they reach the court. Early resolution services will be available free of charge from Justice Access Centres and Family Justice Centres through B.C.

Some registries will require parties to access those services before certain court events. In other registries, families may access those services voluntarily.In addition, modernized court processes and improved opportunities for case management will make it easier for families to settle disputes.

To support these changes, the Province has updated its court forms to use plain language and a more conversational question-and-answer approach to make it easier for any user to understand.These rules were developed jointly by the Ministry of Attorney General and the Provincial Court through a working group that includes the judiciary,members of the bar and a community advocate that has drawn upon a wide range of research,subject matters experts and a public consultation.

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