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Anti Mask COVID “Freedom” Rally in Chilliwack – Peaceful Affair

Chilliwack – Fraser Valley Freedom Rallies have been going on in the Valley and Vancouver for some time.

Recent Chilliwack rallies were in March and April of this year.

Evan Hands, the Director of the Fraser Valley Freedom Rally told FVN that the next one would be May 8 starting at Central Community Park on Victoria.

When May 8 arrived, Matt Kozyniak was the spokesperson (who interacted with media and the Chilliwack BIA) and FVN learned that Hands and the organization parted ways. Although his phone remained on the website, it is now out of service. The website is here. When asked by FVN if permits were obtained from the City or BIA for the fundtion, Kozyniak told FVN, “no, it’s a protest”.

Their mission statement involves questioning why there are COVID restrictions including masks and closures or suspension of activities, businesses and other organizations.

At the last rally in Chilliwack on April 2, protesters were carrying signs which read in part: “COVID PCR test is fraud,” “We love our immune system, let us use it,” and “No more lockdowns.”

The May 8 affair stated at Central Community Park, worked around downtown but avoided Mill Street. That’s where the April rally went a little sideways with a confrontation with patrons at Harvest Cafe.

The crowd , some 75 to 80 people started to slowly peel away when the speeches went beyond the 1:30PM march time. Most notable in the crowd was School Trustee Heather Maahs.

The actual event started at Noon with music, speeches and a BBQ. After a circle walk around downtown including Five Corners, the group made their way back to Central Park for more speeches, BBQ and music.

Protester Joan Muscat/FVN/YouTube Screenshot

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