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Further Protests and Petition Surrounding Saving/Tearing Down the Hope Station House (VIDEO)

Hope – Just as the dust was settling from the BC Ombudsperson scolding Hope District Council over procedure re: Heritage status of the beleaguered Hope Strain Station, comes another twist.

Posters around town are asking supporters of the station to muster at District Hall in the coming days for a honk-a-thon show of support.

This also on the heels of a stop work order (On the demolition) for 120 days from the heritage wing on the Province. The District passed first and second reading to remove Heritage status from the property and send it to third reading after a public hearing in May.

The Facebook page for Coalition for the Preservation of the Hope Station House (CPHSH) Save the 1916 Hope Station House is here.

An in-person show of support is scheduled for Wednesday April 21 at1PM, again at District Hall, to send a message to the powers that be, that the station should be saved.

FVN has obtained a copy of a petition that is in favour of demolition and refusing to spend any more tax dollars on the project:

RE: The Station House

I/We have been following the ongoing controversy regarding the demolition of the Station House and at this point, it appears that you have heard a lot from the very vocal proponents of saving the building and felt it time to express the feelings of what I believe to be the “silent majority. *Note* Because we are aware that petitions can be skewed, we have decided to take a more individual and proactive approach in presenting our views.

To be clear, as a Hope resident and/or property owner, I/we do recognize the value in preserving the local history of this community providing of course, it is actually viable and realistic to do so. However, in this case, I/we do support Council’s decision to demolish or otherwise remove the Station House from its present site for the following reasons:

____ I/we feel all the uses currently being proposed have already been attempted in the past without any real success;

____ I/we feel that enough taxpayer dollars have been expended on this building and it is time to “let it go”;

____ With all the fiscal uncertainty in our local area as well as the rest of the Province and Country, I/we just don’t feel it would be prudent to commit the District and taxpayers to any further or future expenditure on the Station House given the many uncertainties and unpredictably.


Additional comments (if any) are either attached or on the rear of this document.

_____________________ _________________________ _____________________________

Household Member(s) Signatures

Residential Address: __________________________________________________________________


Contact Information (phone and/or email) ________________________________________________

A produced video from the March gathering has been released.

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