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Art Exhibit by Vincent Mikuska at Chilliwack Cultural Centre/ O’Connor Art Gallery

Chilliwack — The O’Connor Group Art Gallery located in the Chilliwack Cultural Centre has been given the authority by Fraser Health to re-open to the public (with strict social distancing protocols in place).

From March 29 to May 7, The Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society presents the next stunning exhibit showcasing the incredible Chilliwack based abstract artist Vincent Mikuska.

Vincent uses art to try to challenge what and how he sees. What does he look at amongst all the possible choices and what are the relationships between those things? Colour, perspective and movement are all important as he tries to reimagine his surroundings.

Working with acrylics on canvas, Vincent has found that there are many ways to view the relationships between form, space and environment. He endeavors to re-constitute those relationships by using space and colour to create new forms and new environments.

A large portion of his show had its genesis in images created by leftover paint on pieces of cardboard that he used to move paint around on paper or canvas. Those “accidental” micro-images suggested a horizontal landscape. In his effort to re-create those images the resulting work has developed an undulating, wave-like feel.

There are many landscape associations inside the work which are to be encouraged.

Imagine the work to be a “micro” or “macro” view of the landscape. Imagine yourself large or small to view the work. Move around, over, beneath and behind the shapes and areas. Suspend your associations and respond to the colour and forms. There can be different points of view inside of each piece, straight ahead, floating above, and below the “horizon” line.

There are many horizontals that can be referenced as horizons as we encounter our local landscape. The Valley floor, generalized lines of rooftops and mountain tops, lines of clouds on or above the mountain tops. There are also diagonals which create a different type of space. All of this pushing back away from the picture plane where much of his earlier work resided.

As he continues to explore the creation of space through colour, the specific references to horizons are a shift to exploring spaces in that direction. He has also employed white more often as another kind of space in the work. It can open up space between the colours and allow a kind of breathing room. White can also be seen as a positive or negative space in relation to the other colours.

There is no charge for admission. Gallery hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday (closed on Holidays). You can visit the Chilliwack Cultural Centre to view this stunning exhibit, witnessing this perfect example of how art can transform the environment around us into something truly inspiring and new.

The re-opening of the O-Connor Group Art Gallery will limit patrons to five at a time to ensure proper social distancing. Fabric face masks covering both nose and mouth must be worn at all times by anyone entering the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, and enhanced operating protocol must be followed.

Landscape by Vincent Mikuska

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