Richmond – London Drugs is preparing to take a big role to support the BC government’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Once the most vulnerable have been immunized, London Drugs will be ready to administer vaccines to thousands of British Columbians over the coming months. 

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“We are ready to assist in British Columbia however we can to immunize people quickly, safely and according to the Government’s phased distribution approach,” said Chris Chiew, General Manager of Pharmacy at London Drugs. “For now that means sending our pharmacists out into the community to reach the most vulnerable including care homes and mass worksites.”

For months, the company’s pharmacists have been administering the vaccine on-site at assisted living facilities and mass vaccination clinics in British Columbia to help speed up delivery to those most at-risk. Once the most vulnerable have been immunized, London Drugs expects to step in to give vaccines to a wider group in British Columbia, making the vaccine more easily accessible at pharmacies across the province.

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