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Metis Nation BC Unveils 13 New Board Committees to Better Serve the Nation

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Surrey/Fraser Valley — As part of its commitment to transparency and citizen engagement, Métis Nation BC (MNBC) today unveiled 13 Board Committees that will provide the Nation with essential administrative checks and balances and provide Métis Citizens with greater opportunities to provide input, feedback and oversight into the affairs of the Nation.

The announcement of the Board Committees follows an historic vote for self-government by the Métis people of B.C. at MNBC’s Annual General Meeting on February 19. The passing of the resolution officially recognized the existing MNBC Constitution, Métis Nation Governing Assembly Act, Métis Women of British Columbia Act, Métis Youth of British Columbia Act, Electoral Act, Senate Act, Natural Resources Act, Citizenship Act, and Métis Veterans of British Columbia Act, as the Constitution and legislative acts of the Métis Government of the British Columbia Métis Community.

The Cabinet Committees will play a key role within MNBC’s governance and operational structure with committee members to include members of the MNBC Cabinet, Métis citizens, Métis Elders, Métis Business owners, external legal counsel, and the Chair of the BC Métis Assembly of Natural Resources.

“As a Nation, we are proud to announce these Cabinet Committees, which is another important step in the evolution of Métis self-government,” said Lissa Smith, Acting President, MNBC. “The creation of these committees recognizes that transparency and oversight are key foundations of good government. It also recognizes that all Métis Citizens and Elders have a valuable role to play in helping determine the direction and priorities of their communities and their Nation.”

“The formation of a business advisory committee shows how serious our MNBC government is about the Métis economy and the many challenges that Métis entrepreneurs and businesses face, especially those preparing for a relaunch after COVID,” said Peter Lang, President, Chilliwack Métis Association.

Board Committee responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Awards and Recognition Committee: Identify individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, community leaders, elders, veterans to be recognized for contributions to the Métis Nation and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  •  Emergency Preparedness Committee: Understand the local needs of communities and assist in the development of policies, frameworks, and partnerships surrounding emergency preparedness and response.
  • Environment Advisory Committee: Promote the conservation and protection of the land, environment, and natural resources in British Columbia through responsible stewardship guided by Métis values and traditional knowledge.
  • Finance and Audit Committee: Help oversee the MNBC annual operating budget; review quarterly/annual financial statements; provide recommendations regarding risk management and auditing processes; and ensure accountability and transparency in all financial systems and processes. 
  • Governance and Policy Committee: Monitor and evaluate Board of Directors policies, legal parameters, structures, and obligations; review MNBC legislation and recommend appropriate changes as required; review and recommend good governance practices to the Board of Directors.
  • Métis Business Advisory Committee: Provide advice regarding policies, projects, and/or partnerships that would help Métis businesses; promote MNBC business supports; develop new relationships with B.C. industry leaders; identify business and employment opportunities for MNBC citizens.
  • Métis Rights and Self-Government Committee: Review polices, positions, regulations, legislation, reports and ongoing discussions with the BC Government and Government of Canada relating to Métis Section 35 Rights and MNBC self-governance; liaise with the BC Métis Association of Natural Resources regarding ongoing issues and concerns of Métis harvesters in B.C.; help develop workshops for MNBC Citizens relating to Métis Section 35 Rights; and develop policies, positions and partnerships relating to Métis Section 35 Rights.
  • Social and Community Services Committee: Identify social challenges, priorities and opportunities in Métis communities and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Youth Engagement Committee: Ensure Métis youth are engaged and consulted on issues of importance to them; make recommendations and provide advice on policies, services and programs that pertain to youth; provide the perspective of youth on matters that affect their daily lives; and identify barriers to Métis youth participation of in MNBC programs/services.

Additional information about Board Committee responsibilities and membership are available on the MNBC website. Meeting dates for the committees will be regularly updated on the MNBC website. More information about upcoming Board Committee activities and opportunities will be made available in the weeks ahead.

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