Fraser Valley – Stop handing fraudsters your personal information. We have all done this.

It may be tempting to take the latest online personality test popping up in your social media feed – who doesn’t want to know what Disney Princess they may be?

But beware the site may prompt you to “allow access” before proceeding. What DOES that mean?

It may mean that you are agreeing to share your information by giving third-party apps access to your photos, personal details such as birth dates and maiden names, and the contact info of you and your friends.

AbbyPD is cautioning you to think twice before you risk exposing your personal information, and possibly helping fraudsters by providing information which may allow them to correctly guess passwords and security questions.

Be vigilant. Keep your account locked down. Re-visit your privacy settings, review who can see your profile, and remove personal information from your profile and social media posts.

For more information about privacy and data collection, visit

Abbotsford Police

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