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In the spotlight – Homeward Bound Pet Food Delivery.

Testimonial from the local owner:

My name is Bryan white, I’m a 31 year old father of two looking build my dream really. I have been in the pet food industry for a combined 10 years or more. Everything from the retail, manufacturing and sales side of things. I have always been an enthusiastic entrepreneur who believes strongly in community, quality, family, and working with the people not just seeing things from a numbers side.

I like to think I do business in a bit of a different fashion. To me it’s not about the dollars as important as that may be, its truly all about the service, the people and in this case our furry families!  On to what I do!I am the proud operator of Homeward Bound Fraser Valley. We are what I hope becomes the new way to get your pet food! Premium pet food delivered right to your door with outstanding service!  Homeward Bound Pet Food Delivery is proud to be a Canadian and family-owned business.

We are passionate about family and ‘pets, as well as the communities around us. Homeward Bound has been built upon a platform of integrity, quality, honest communication and respect for opinions other than our own. Our Premium pet foods are made from Canadian-sourced wholesome ingredients, many from British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley, and we use meat products found on ethical and humane farms. Our diets are nutritionally balanced, as well as being grain-free, easily digestible, health-enhancing and tasty (I’ve only observed the last one!).

Our manufacturer ( right here in Abbotsford) operates a leading-edge facility, and has earned the pet industry’s highest accreditation for food handling, storage, processing, and inspection. From personal experience we know only too well how busy we get at work, what it’s like to drive to and from hockey and/or soccer practice several days every week, and what it’s like when we’re tired or just don’t feel like going out in the cold. So we created a free, convenient, reliable, worry-free “At Your Door” delivery service, one that has no minimum purchase required, and will help you avoid fighting traffic, icy streets and sidewalks, parking challenges, late-night pet food runs, box-store line-ups and struggling with heavy and awkward bags. 

At Homeward Bound Pet Food we are completely committed to, and focused upon, the well-being of pets, out standing service and exceeding the needs of our customers.  We offer both Cat and Dog Food and treats. Our cat food is a 5lb Chicken formula that has a zip-lock style top to keep the freshness in!Our dog food comes in a 5lb and 25lb. We offer a Chicken formula and a Ocean fish & Salmon ( by far the most popular).And then we offer a fantastic baked beef liver treat and deer antler chews!

Our delivery is always FREE, and are happy to bring samples to anyone that wanted to give the food a try first ( I actually recommend always starting with a sample)

And finally we offer some great promotions such as our first purchase discount of 10%, our referral program that earns you 20%, and our frequent buyer program of buy 9 get your 10th free! 
 Also If you look up #styxthedoggo you will find an incredible story about one of our customers dogs who changing the food has literally changed the dog!

Please take a moment to follow us here on  Facebook or Instagram @ homeward_bound_fraser_valley

Call/ text/ email or message for more information at 778-966-9332 

Bryan White

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