Chilliwack (Roger Pannett – Environment Canada) – January 2021 Weather Data recorded by Roger Pannett, Volunteer Weather Observer for Environment Canada at Chilliwack, B.C.

VariableJanuary 202130 Year Average
Mean Maximum7.57 C4.4 C
Mean Minimum2.59 C-1.5 C
Mean Temperature5.08 C1.5 C
Rainfall216.6 mm210.9 mm
Snowfall2.0 cm52.8 cm
Total Precipitation218.6 mm263.7 mm
Days of Rain18 days15 days
Days of Snow1 day7 days
Total Days of Precipitation18 days19 days
Relative humidity average78.18 %

The mild & wet weather in late December continued to mid-January with three record breaking high temperatures on January 2nd & January 12th.

Date New Record Previous Record.

January 2nd High Min 7.0⁰C (+8.7⁰C) 6.1 ⁰C in 1964.

January 12th High Mean 10.45 ⁰C (+9.85 ⁰C) 9.0 ⁰C in 2010.

January 12th High Max 14.9 ⁰C (+11.6⁰C) 12.8 ⁰C in 1953.

The record 7.0 ⁰C high minimum temperature on January 2nd, equated to an average mid-May night-time temperature. In addition, the record high temperatures on January 12th occurred on the average coldest day of the year.

Until mid-month a series of moist Pacific frontal systems continued to invade southern B.C. Rainfall was heavy at times with copious amounts of mountain snowfalls. Overnight on January 12th/13th an ‘atmospheric weather bomb,’ produced heavy rain, strong gusty winds with temperatures spiking to the record breaking 14.9 ⁰C.

After mid-month a weak ridge of high pressure produced some welcome sunny days and frosty nights. The low temperature for the month was -3.2 ⁰C on January 23rd. The month concluded with a return to mild, rainy conditions.

Rainfall totals for the month were close to normal but snowfall was 96% below normal. (Only a 2.0 cm snowfall on January 25th with a cool air mass and a low- pressure system moving south east down the B.C. coast.)

With mean temperatures 3.58°C above normal, in excess of the + or – 2.6 ⁰C deviation, since 1997 only January 2008 & 2017 had below normal temperatures. It was the 15th consecutive month with above normal mean temperatures.

On January 31st, in Chilliwack, T sum was at 157.5 compared to the 30-year average of 37.1

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