Fraser Valley – She is always enthusiastic about life. If you have ever met Kim Gemmell in person, you know that very little can shake her resolve.

Kim Gemmell knows all about living through challenging times. She shares her incredible story in her first book, Bravery; Our Journey of Faith, Hope & Love which follows the plight of her son who was born with a critical heart defect, and a daughter diagnosed with autism. Now many years later, her experience has inspired a purpose to provide the ability to not only rise above adversity, but to find renewed faith and fortitude.

“Hopefully we will all experience an abundance of laughter and joy in our life, but, unfortunately we will face very tough times too, especially throughout our nation’s Covid pandemic crisis. Right now, we need to use our strengths to support each other more than ever. I felt compelled to write this book to help people understand that it’s how we deal with adversity that makes all the difference in the world. We can indeed find many ways to ‘Smile Again’.”

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Kim Gemmell/Smile Again
Kim Gemmell

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