Chilliwack/Fraser Health – While it was a new overdose alert issued late Friday, insiders saw this coming for a few days.

Fraser Health has issued an overdose alert for Chilliwack. Addicts , street people and sex workers are asked to be aware of a “greeny-blue/turquoise down substance.”

While this alert remains until February 11, that does not mean the danger will pass. This latest batch of opioid is laced with carfentanyl. A snow-flake size speck can take down an elephant. Even users with high tolerance, could die from an accidental overdose.

“Debbie” told FVN that she has heard of a couple of fatal OD’s in the past couple of weeks.

Don Lehn, with the Chilliwack Alano Club says that he and others in the know, heard about this latest batch starting last weekend.

Lehn said:” some of the regular street people and sex workers have simply disappeared over the past week to 10 days and we are concerned for their well-being – knowing what we know and have heard.”

The same concerns have recently come from Cyrus Centre and Salvation Army.

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