Mission – Councilor Jag Gill is the acting Mayor for Mission (As Pam Alexis is now MLA) and took to Facebook to thank the community for the Sunday public anti-bullying rally. Hundreds of participants in cars, planes and even horseback, came together in solidarity.

Hi Mission, As acting Mayor, I felt it necessary to comment on yesterday’s car rally. I do not know what it feels like to be picked on because I am gay or transgender, but I know how it feels like to grow up feeling like you don’t belong. It is tough but what I want to say is you are not alone and what I saw yesterday was our community dispelling the myth that bullying is a right of passage, that it’s some inevitable part of growing up. Our differences are our source of pride, and they are our strength.I want to thank every person who made this event possible yesterday, from the organizers to the volunteers to every person who took time out of their Sunday to show the world what Mission is truly about. This was a gigantic undertaking and to have it go without any issues in a pandemic speaks volumes about our Mission. Well done, Mission; you have outdone yourself!

Sincerely your acting Mayor Jag Gill

Jag Gill

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