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Chilliwack 2020 Weather in Review – A Little Less Rain

Chilliwack (Roger Pannett/Environment Canada) – With mean temperatures for 2020 at 1.32 °C above normal, it was the 8th consecutive year with mean temperature in excess of the + 0.6°C standard deviation, continuing the warming trend which started in 1986.

Every month above average temperatures were recorded, including 5 months exceeding the standard deviation of +1.1 ⁰C to +1.4 ⁰C.

In the May to September period there were 13 hot days with maximum temperatures in excess of 30.0 ⁰C. It was the 19th consecutive year with well above the average 7 hot days, a trend never previously observed.

There was a total of 25 record breaking high temperatures in 2020 with only 6 low temperature records.

Temperature extremes for 2020 were the record- breaking maximum temperature of 35.8 ̊ C (12.1°C above normal) on August 16th and the minimum temperature of – 13.3 C (11.7 °C below normal) on January 15th.

In 2020 there were 203 frost free days compared to the average 216 days.

In January 2020, with rainfall 37% above normal and snowfall 34% above normal it was the wettest January since 2011 and the snowiest since 2012.

There were two 24-hour rainfall records. January 31st at 65.2 mm and May 30th at 31.7 mm. However, for the 8th consecutive year precipitation totals were below the 30-year average. Rainfall 14.75% below normal but snowfall 102 % above normal.



Data recorded by Roger Pannett, Volunteer Weather Observer for Environment Canada at Chilliwack, B.C.

Variable202030 Year Average
Mean Maximum15.62 ⁰C14.71 C
Mean Minimum7.42 C5.69 C
Mean Temperature11.52 C10.2 C
Rainfall1,492.3 mm1750.7 mm
Snowfall132.1cm129.4 cm
Total Precipitation1,624.4 mm1880.1 mm
Days of rain185 days161 days
Days of snow17 days18 days
Total Days of Precipitation195 days174 days
Relative humidity average71.25 %.

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