Fraser Valley – The slug line for the petition is blunt – Paramedics are the front line.

There is a petition on that is asking for a minimum of 10 thousand signatures, to have BCEHS workers ie paramedics, be vaccinated for COVID along with other front liners.

A newly arrived couple in Chilliwack, just moved from Surrey, brought this to the attention of FVN. The wife is now a retired EMS nurse and said: Our son is an Advanced Card Paramedic in Vancouver. This is an issue near and dear to us.. the public assumes paramedic are essential services, but they are excluded from that distinction.

alyssa Sargeant started this petition to Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada) and it raising awareness.

The petition is here.

We have been in a State of Emergency fighting a Global pandemic since March 2020. The hospitals have been working hard to minimize the spread and save lives…But before many of these patients come to the hospital to see the nurses and physicians who have been deemed “frontline”, they see our paramedics…As an ER nurse I have seen how the BCEHS members have been working tirelessly to answer all of these calls. They are entering homes and other uncontrolled environments to provide care, risking the lives/health of themselves and their loved ones at all hours of the day; and yet, they are not being included in the first round offerings of the Covid19 vaccination. 

By not being deemed essential service alongside their fellow first responders (police and fire), they are being grossly disrespected. Let us not continue the injustice at a time when we need them the most. Include them in the first round of Covid19 vaccinations.

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