Abbotsford – Cozy Covers, of Abbotsford, has held an annual clothing drive for the past 15 years and has donated over 15,000 items to various shelters, youth centers and organizations across the Fraser Valley.

Due to the pandemic, they aren’t able to hold their clothing drive as usual, so they are raising funds to cover the costs of these items instead. From backpacks, to socks and gloves, to hampers, their hope is to raise enough to donate to every organization on their list.

To view the GoFundMe, please visit:

Cozy Covers will support the amazing organizations below.  With your help they can financially support EACH of these organizations. The hope = raise $40,000 for these organizations:

1.  $1000 – MCFD Foster care children for Christmas backpacks
2.  $1000 – Xyolhemeylh children for Christmas hampers
3.  $1000 – Cyrus Centre for Youth (Abbotsford) 
4.  $1000 – Sara for Women (Safe Shelter)
5.  $1000 – Ministries 5 and 2 for socks and gloves to the homeless community
6.  $25000 – Ministries 5 and 2 for HOMELESS SHELTER for Homeless community
7.  $1000 – Peardonville Transitional House for Women (Abbotsford)
8. $1000 – Family Centre
9.  $1000 – Warm Zone for women (Abbotsford)
10. $1000 – Ishtar Transitional home for Women (Langley)
11. $1000 – Ann Davis Transition Society (Chilliwack)
12. $1000 – Cyrus (Chilliwack) for Youth
13. $1000 – Purple Lights, Women in Domestic Abuse 
14. $1000 – Best for Babies 
15. $1000 – Abby Dads
16. $ 1000 – Community Connections 

The plan is to support all these organizations in the order listed. If you would like a tax receipt, that’s possible, you will need to enter your name, address and phone number on the GoFundMe page.

Cozy Covers

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